Research Supervision

  • Jeewoong Kim, Ph.D Program, Mar 2022–present
  • Kieun Kim, Master’s Degree, Mar 2023–present
  • Suhyun Park, Master’s Degree, Mar 2022–present
  • Sungbin Lim, Master’s Degree, Mar 2022–present
  • Hanyoung Yoo, Master’s Degree, Mar 2020–Feb 2022
  • Jeewoong Kim, Master’s Degree, Jan 2019–Aug 2021
  • Juyoung Jeon, Master’s Degree, Mar 2019–Feb 2021
  • Hansol Choe, Master’s Degree, Mar 2018–Feb 2021


Undergraduate Capstone Projects

my teaching statement for capstone project (require Handong log-in)

  1. Effective Continuous Testing with Automated Unit Test Generation Technique (2020S-2020F)
    • Members: Doyun Kim, Sungmin Kim
  2. D-Angora: Extending Angora to Effective Distributed Fuzzing (2019F-2020S)
    • Members: Seungwoo Kim, Jihyun Park, Sihyung Yu, Jeongin Cho
  3. Packet Sniffing-based Network Access Monitoring Systems for Smart Home Service Security (2019F-2020S)
    • Members: Briel Ga, Aron Kim
  4. Design and Implementation of Code-related Conversation Service for Online Programming Education (2019F-2020S)
    • Members: Jongeun Kim, Youngwon Jeon
  5. Web-based Programming Test Platform for University Programming Course (2019F-2020S)
    • Members: Yehong Min, Yeonwoo Lim
  6. Digital Forensic Tools for Analyzing Apple File System Images (2019F-2020S)
    • Members: Seongbin Baek, Yejin Yang, Aron Lim
  7. Design and Implementation of Automated Programming Assignment Assessment Service and Systems for GitHub Repositories (2019S-2019F)
    • Members: Chaeyoung Kim, Jihye Oh, Hyejin Jang, Minji Ha
  8. Static Bug Checkers for Detecting Security Vulnerabilities in Python Web Applications (2018F-2019S)
    • Members: Yeonyak Ko, Hyerim Leem
  9. Distributed Concolic Testing Tool for Testing Embedded Software (2018F-2019S)
    • Members: Hyorim Kim, Gundo Baek
  10. Static Bug Checkers for PHP Web Application Security Vulnerabilities (2018S-2018F)
    • Members: Ugeo Moon, Taeseong Park, Bokyeong Han, Sol Han
  11. PicKey: Secure Password Management System with Image-Hint, 2017F-2018S
    • Members: Gundo Park, Haebin Jang, Suho Kim
    • PicKey is a system that assists users to manage passwords of the web sites. PicKey generate/manage image hints which help users remind the password, rather than passwords themselves. PicKey is implemented as a web service as well as a Chrome plugin.
    • PicKey was presented at the poster session in KCC 2018.
    • This work won the Honorable Mention Award (장려상) at KCC 2018 Undergraduate Student Paper Competition and the Bronze medal at the 2018 Spring Capstone Project Competition, CSEE@HGU
  12. Synthesizing Git Commit Message Using Neural Translations, 2017F-2018S
    • Members: Juyeong Jeon and Sinnae Kim
    • This project enhances an existing approach of translating source code change texts into a verbal description by recommending name identifiers, new neural networks, and different evaluation methods.
    • As a part of barckground study on NMT, Juyeong and Sinnae had participiated in Naver AI Hackathon Contest, got invited in the final round, and placed in Top-20 (26-27 Apr, 2018).
  13. Developing FindSecurityBugs Checkers for Korean Security Vulnerability Inspection Guideline, 2017S-2017F
    • Memberbs: Youngmin Chae, Hansol Choe, Jaehun Lee, Sungkwon Park, Hyeonung Shin
    • The team members won a 2nd prize and a 3rd prize in 2017 Secure Coding Competition organized by KISA of the Korean government
    • A part of the result was now merged to the master branch of FindSecurityBugs ErrorMessageExposureDetector, XSS via file name
  14. TrashMon: Precise Trash Dumping Detection Using Image Processing Techniques, 2016F-2017S
    • Members: Ye Jin Kim, Je Yun Jung, Sung An Kwon
    • This project was placed in the 4th prize in 2017 Capstone Project Competition, CSEE@HGU
    • TrashMon was presented in a poster session of KCC 2017.
  15. Extracting Korean-English Parallel Sentence Corpus from Open Source Bilingual Texts, 2016S-2017F
    • Members: Jihyung Seo, Jiyoon Lim, Sungmin Yoon, Soomin Huh
    • This project was placed in the 2nd prize in 2017 Capstone Project Competition, CSEE@HGU
    • A new parallel sentence extraction algorithm was presented in an oral seession of KCC 2017.