Government Research Grants

  1. Center for Software Disaster Research, Excellent Research Center (ERC), NRF, 2021-2028
  2. Development of automatic software error repair technology that combines code analysis and error mining, IITP, 2021-2024
  3. Fuzzing based Test Case Generation Techniques for Effective Continuous Testings of Software Projects, Young Researcher Program Funded by NRF, 2020-2023
  4. Intelligent Automation Techniques for Fullstack Software Debugging, Next-Generation Information Computing Development Program Funded by NRF, 2017-2021
  5. Developing Automated Software Test Generation Techniques Using Data-driven Analyses, Young Researcher Program Funded by NRF, 2017-2020
  6. Detecting Software Performance Bugs Using Automated Unit Test Generation Techniques, Young Researcher Program Funded by NRF ,2015-2016

Industry Collaborations

  1. Fuzzing Techniques for SAP HANA Unit Tests for Crash Bug Detection and Reliability Enhancement in Continuous Integration Process, SAP Labs Seoul, 2020-2021
  2. Using Neural Embedding for Tracking Source Code Changes, Samsung Research, 2020
  3. Asessing Quality of Unit Test Cases Automatically, Samsung Research, 2019
  4. Detecting Multithreaded Program Errors in Real-time Operating Systems, Samsung Memory Research Institute, 2017-2018
  5. Machine Learning Approach to Analyze Static Analysis Alerts, Samsung Research, 2017